The Primordial Stars

  1. 2023 Melt Festival, Feel Festival, Monopol, Kiez Burn

The Primordial Stars are a playful interactive audio-visual experience using 10 hanging units that respond to both touch and sound. 

 Entrance text:
“These were the first 10 Stars to be born in our universe. They were also the first to Supernovae, which created all of the things that matter in your world, including you. They still contain and are connected to all of the potential and possibilites of their star dust. Enter here, and reflect upon a dream you wish to bring into the world. Play with the Stars, explore their response to your interaction. Find the Star that holds the keys to your Dream and be with it. Hold your Dream in your mind as you dance with the Star, and through movement, allow it to whisper your path forward”

Each Star is an ESP32, with an accelerometer and microphone. They communicate over MQTT, and the connected Raspberry Pi broker triggers sound effects when the Stars are interacted with (which the stars’ microphone then allows them to respond to the sound created by themselves).

 The installation can be installed in my geodesic dome (~4m High), or in any location with suitable hanging possibilities.


There are several modes available, and several games that can be played. The whole system can be controlled by a touchscreen panel (instrument and scale selection, mode selection, game initiation). All of which custom coded in uPython.

Designed, written, built, wired, coded, recorded, edited, deployed and performed by Alex Kaos.

Primordial Stars

The Dimension Doors

  1. 2021 – 2022 Monopol, Birgit and Bier, CTM Vorspiel, Berlin

The Dimension Doors is a 2-person, 7 minute audio-visual experience that takes the participants on an ideal journey from the 0th to the 6th dimension.

These dimensions are drawn from physics, and are a logical progression based on the formation of the first 4-dimensions. But this objective argumentation is made from the lens of idealism, and so the participant experiences that perception in the 1st person (which is a loose statement after dimension 5).

An infinity mirror box first greets the participants with countless versions of themselves, but as the experience develops, the portals within the doors show all of the paths that have been and never will be taken.

Combining metaphysics, idealism, programmed synchronized lighting, hypnotic methods and comedy, ultimately this piece is a critique on the paradox of free-will, and how an argument can be made using physics and philosophy that we do after all, have a choice.

Designed, written, built, wired, coded, recorded, edited, deployed and performed by Alex Kaos.


with Dream World

 2022 – Monopol, Berlin

Limbo is the place in between worlds. Most participants to past Dream World experiences come awaiting colors, mystery and excitment. But in the most recent edition of the Dream World experiences, the dreamers (guests) took a wrong turn, and found themsleves face-to-face with death herself.

For the remaining 50 minutes of the experience, the dreamers were invited to reflect upon what life looks like from the perspective of outside. Writting their last words, melding their consciousness to anothers, or melting into oblivion. It is rare in this modern age to be given the opportunity to observe life from the end backwards, and then be given the chance to re-engage with life, right where you left it. Limbo was full of mysteries and colors, but something else, much deeper, as well.

44 compensated artists took part in Limbo

Co-Lead by Alex Kaos and Kia Kali. Production, build, finance, ticketing, installation artist, community management, concept, and more - Alex Kaos

goblet_of_prometheus_family_fire_in_hands (2)

The Goblet of Prometheus

  1. 202 – 2023 Monopol, Birgit and Bier, , Kiez Burn, Mahalla, Berlin

The Goblet of Prometheus is an interactive fire installation, deigned so that participants may quite literally put fire into their hands.

Eons ago, Prometheus decended from Mt. Olympus with the god's fier, and gifted it to the humans. Since then humans have ascended from the animal kingdom into it's civilized society, for better or for worse.

Through interacting directly with fire, without gloves or other protective equipment, participants are invited to reflect upon that which ignites them. In bringing attention to the eternal flame that smolders in each and every one of us, we can release our fear in a single moment, and embrace our full titantic power.

Designed, built, wired, deployed by Alex Kaos. Performances by Alex Kaos and Kia Kali

Find a New Perspective

 2022 – Re:Publica, Arena Berlin

This piece was commissioned for the ARD/ZDF stand at Re:Publica festival in Arena Berlin.

With interchangeable lettering and lights, it is the deepest LED infinity mirror I have personally experienced, at approximately 12m+ deep.

IMG_20220605_212203 (2)
Kia T (4)

The Temple of Transmutation

 2022 – Kiez Burn, Mecklenburg Vorprommen

In collaboration with Kia Kali

This was Kiez Burn’s first temple. The topic of Transmutation was chosen to invite participants to reflect upon the completeness of self, and that change is not a process of removal or addition, but to transform something old to something new.

Amidst the art and the fun of the event, this space was a tranquil haven of solitude and beauty. Particiapants were invited to walk around the willow structure, and then sit and write and reflect upon what it is they wished to transmute.

Following were the instructions to complete the transmutaiton:

- “Whisper it to the air to let it go”

- “Dip it in the water so it can flow”

- “Then bury it in the earth so it might grow”

At the end of the event, we hosted a ceremony for several hours in which participants could burn their transmutations in silence, completing the final instruction – “place it in the fire, so it may glow”.

Over 100 participants attended the ceremony, and not a word was spoken amongst them for several hours, a truly transcendent experience.


 2021 – Flutgraben e.V., Treptow-Köpenick

In collaboration with Kia Kali

We focused on providing an alternative to lens to what it means to be alone in the months following the initial lockdowns.

Loneliness is the absence of others, aloneness is the presence of oneself

Dream World Order

 2021 – Kiez Burn, Mecklenburg Vorprommen

Build Support and Master of Ceremonies

 60 artists, 9 installations, 1 story, 90 minute experience

If you were one of the lucky souls to pass through the Dream World Order settlement while it existed, you would have met hosts and dreamlings who would help you expand your capacity to dream. Sleepers may enter, but only Dreamers find their way…. Is your dream capacity strong enough to make it to Dream World Forever?

Dream World: The Experiment

 2019 – Near Ostkreuz , Berlin

Production Lead and Co-Founder

Berlin did nknot what hit it, when 60 artists, 40 more volunteers took over an abandonded garage-space (kindly offered by Pandion AG) in the winter months of 2019.

Sold out before it began, and highly-acclaimed as being one of the first large-scale immersive theater pieces in the city, Dream World prpovided a portal to another realm of being as of yet nounparralleled in the city.

Kiez bunr phoenix Burn

The Phoenix

 2021 – Kiez Burn, Mecklenburg Vorprommen

Build Support and Master of Ceremonies

 Inappropriately known to many in the Kiez Burn community as ‘The Lord of Fire’, I co-created the 2019 Effigy with Lisa Starkstrom (design) and Ketalex (build lead). The Phoenix represents the unfathomable growth that comes from partaking in a Burn event. One feels like a completely different person by the end.

The Effigy ceremony held on Saturday (which I oversee) is the only time at the entire 1000+ person event in which everyone is gathered together. We reflect upon what experiences we have had and begin the progress of integration into our being, preparing for a new cycle of rebirth for the next year.

Burner Clock

 2018 – Kiez Burn, Mecklenburg Vorprommen

In collaboration with Nino Hell

 “Burner Time” is the flexible space that exists in a high-stimulus environment when nobody carries a watch or a phone with them. Once you remove an capacity to read the time, it goes at the same pace for you subjectively, so there is no worrying about time-flying when you’re having fun or standing still when you’re bored. As such it is in this space where someone can actually just be ‘now’, and not be concerned with the passing of time. It is a beautiful space that Kiez Burn offers, and this Effigy for 2018 is a tribute to that phenomenon.

The central clock would rotate horizontally, as opposed to the hands that traditionally rotate vertically. It is to show that time-dilation is felt, rather than experienced.  

Kiez Burn Effigy 2018

about Me

Fire performance schrödinger staff  Graulich Open Stage Profile

 I am Alex ‘Professor’ Kaos, a welsh-born, Berlin-based, physics graduate, obsessed with thoughts that hurt the head. The complexity of metaphysics, philosophy, psychology and sociology are the over-arching topics of my work, with special interest in the themes surrounding nature of consciousness, epistemology, and collective-coordination.

I work primarily with immersive installations, by which I mean installations that are large enough to be fully entered, and that utilize at least 3 senses with deliberation. Within this medium I interweave theoretical physics, painful thought-experiments, responsive programmed electronics and optical illusions to provide a platform of self-reflection in which my guests are not just active participants of the work, but by definition the piece’s centrepiece. My work is a spherical fun-house mirror designed to reflect back at the observer a truer shape of themselves than that which they might project outward.